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I Passed....but The Bar Exam is Still a Bitch
I took the Bar Exam more than once, several times actually, and lived to tell the tale....retakers take heart...the bar is a bitch...but not impossible...
Monday, July 10, 2006
I've already Got a job Damnit!!!!!!
Ah.....so my mom was talking today about what sort of jobs I should start looking for....(just in case I fail again)......a great test of will for me....because of course what I really want to do is clobber her for even speaking such a thing.....but what the hell....I"m in the zone....and nobody is gonna fuck with me at the moment......

A few days back my dad was on the band wagon....he was good enough to mention that I have "never worked a real job".....apparently all the part time jobs I've held don't count, even when I was holding down two at a time and going to school full time......because they weren't "full time" and the fact that I have two degrees is apparently worth jack as well....I came very close to telling him about the stint I spent as an exotic dancer in law school...but at the last minute I held out....only because I didn't have time.....but I was so very f'n close.....

The point of all this? Well these are really not the things we want to hear mere days before facing down this bitch of a test.....but no doubt.....if you are a retaker....you will probably hear all kinds of worthless shit....maybe even from people who love you.....they may not mean it....or maybe they do.....my soon to be ex is really good at saying all kinds of worthless things (you've already taken the test before, why do you have to study again?).....be prepared for all kinds of heartless remarks and the effect they may have on you.....for some reason right now they will feel like the making or breaking of you.....and try to have sex often if you can.....I think it will help.....
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  • At 6:52 PM, July 11, 2006, Blogger ~*e*~ said…

    I know you don't need to hear this from a stranger, but we both know that there is NO room for negative thinking right now. When my friends say they are thinking they might fail (we are all first time takers up here in Mass.) I tell them to shut up or I will sedate them. There is no place for it, not now. WE (me you and them) will pass. There is no try, right?

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