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I Passed....but The Bar Exam is Still a Bitch
I took the Bar Exam more than once, several times actually, and lived to tell the tale....retakers take heart...the bar is a bitch...but not impossible...
Thursday, July 13, 2006
Semper Fi Bitch!!!!!!!
I'm still waiting for my admission ticket to the big dance.....they are notoriously slow here in NC....and it is quite possible that instead of getting my ticket what they will send instead in something along the lines of a letter that says....no dice....you cannot sit for the test blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah....I've gotten two of those letters so far.....and they usually send them at the lost possible minute....because I've noticed that just like practicing law "in the real world"....the bar "in the real world" does not work like you'd expect either.....

The actual bar exam doesn't really go that smoothly either.....it runs late and everybody seems confused mostly....and I'm not talking about the test takers either.....during my second bar exam they ran out of scrap paper....they distributed it to half the room and then said.....oh sorry.....you'll just have to do without have they heard of equal protection I'm screaming?.....now granted....I was in the half that had paper....but I felt incredibly guilty.....I gave half my paper back.....

During exam three the bar decided that we would not be allowed to bring our own pens, pencils or blackberries, cell phones or timing devices....who in the hell could have ever believed that meant they would confiscate wrist watches? But yes, believe it or not....the proctors really and truly did.....and some of us poor smucks had the misfortune to be sitting with our backs to the walls where the only clocks were and almost a football field away...something I still blame part of my more lackluster MBE performance on this last exam on....I was just not used to not having my little clock right there in front of me....not good when your game gets thrown off you know?

But all this is what brings me to my little piece of exam advice for today.....which is that no matter what the hell happened to me during any of my exams....and believe me...some whack shit has.....(refer to my earlier experience with exam 1 where my laptop went completely white and I handwrote.....) there really is no excuse good enough for losing your edge.....you have to go in with blinders....and if you , (or I ) are in such a pansy-ass state right now that losing your watch on test day is going to screw you up....well Houston.....we've got a problem..... I guess what I'm saying here is that you really do have to be prepared for any kind of bizarre circumstance......it probably will happen.......

I had an exam where people bitched and moaned about the lighting.....when I came back from lunch they had set up lighting like they have on the highway at night.....I kid you not.......and then there was the test with the running man.....dude ran to and from the bathroom....and I mean booked ass, arms flailing and shoes pounding, and of course I had table shaker eraser guy, and really, really old lawyer to my right who couldn't use his Soft-pro and got into heated debate with Soft-pro technician in middle of exam.....most of this stuff is funny now....but it wasn't to the people who were wringing their hands and cursing at the time they were soooooo upset by it all.....

I can't tell you how many people I see at these tests in tears on cell phones.....don't let that be you....know ahead of time that craziness will happen.....and don't be suprised by it......and keep your fingers crossed they send me my damned ticket huh? I want to be there.....I will not be crying......I'll be doing the victory dance baby!!!!!!
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